Nutrimed Ltd. – Nutrapharmaceutical Development & Manufacturing

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Nutrimed Ltd. – Nutrapharmaceutical Development & Manufacturing

The following is a feature interview with Nutrimed’s Managing Director & CEO, Dr. Sergey Gulyi, regarding Nutrimed’s upcoming entrance into the North American nutraceutical market.                      

This interview was conducted by Myron Pyzyk BSc, MS, Principal Consultant & CEO of Marenon Consulting. Mr. Pyzyk holds a graduate degree in clinical nutrition from the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut.


Question: Good morning, Dr. Gulyi. Please tell us a bit about Nutrimed and its business strategy for manufacturing, packaging and distributing its plant-based nutraceutical products.

Sergey Gulyi: “Nutrimed Ltd. was founded in 1998 and is now one of the leading manufacturers of plant-based preparations or phyto-preparations in Ukraine. The Nutrimed  corporate strategy focuses on export of its high quality products by aggressively seeking out international distributors and partners for the sale of our products and our contract manufacturing services.

Nutrimed offers a range of high-quality products to meet current market demands and covers: coping with stress, men’s health, anti – aging, metabolic disorders, supporting the immune system. The company also offer our highly competitive contract manufacturing services to our clients so that if your company requires private-label packaging, Nutrimed aggressively prices its products or services to stay highly competitive in the rapidly growing nutraceutical marketplace.”


Question: What type of nutraceutical products does Nutrimed manufacture and package?

Sergey Gulyi: “Nutrimed independently produces a number of plant extracts (hence why you occasionally see the term ‘phyto’; derived from the Greek word for ‘plant’) using its own patented technology (e.g. chicory extract for the anti -diabetic preparation Inulin-Nutrimed®). Most Nutrimed preparations are produced from plant extracts  that are imported directly from leading European suppliers.  A prominent place in the company’s products portfolio is held by the phyto-complex Antistress®, produced since 1999, which has been the leading product in its class during recent years.”


Question: Please tell us about your manufacturing facilities and how it relates to your high-quality products.

Sergey Gulyi: “Nutrimed’s manufacturing facility is located near Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine (Kyiv was previously called Kiev). In 2007 a large-scale modernisation of Nutrimed’s manufacturing complex was completed. The restructure over the last three years aimed to bring production standards in line with the international requirements of ISO /HACCP/ GMP. The use of modern pharmaceutical equipment as well as strict control of technological parameters at all stages of production makes it possible to manufacture products that consistently meet strict international standards.”


Question: Sergey, please tell us about your distribution strategy for North America.

Sergey Gulyi: “Nutrimed is presently searching for distributors who would be able to provide Nutrimed access to North American clientele and customers. This includes Distributors who have depth and reach in any region in North America, including the United States, Canada as well as Mexico and the Caribbean region. Nutrimed will provide all necessary registration documentation to qualified Distributors to facilitate any regulatory requirements for each respective country.

Nutrimed would also want to hear from clientele interested in our contract manufacturing & packaging services. Private label manufacturing and packaging is a great way to establish both your corporate and your brand name. Nutrimed guarantees to be very price competitive so that the competitive price advantage offered by Nutrimed to your company becomes your price advantage in the private label products offered by your company.


Question: Any final comments, Dr. Gulyi?

Sergey Gulyi: “Nutrimed looks forward to hearing from your readers regarding their company’s distribution, manufacturing or partnering needs. Please go to our website to see a list of our fine products and services (

Nutrimed also invites any present & future clientele to visit both our Kyiv corporate offices as well as our manufacturing facility, located nearby in an ecologically pure, green zone.

Thank you for providing me the opportunity to tell your readers about Nutrimed’s products and services and our exciting plans for doing business in North America.”

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